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Dana Long,

Massive Happiness

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About Me &

Massive Happiness

As an editor and writing coach for women with powerful stories; we collaborate to uncover your teachable lessons and prepare the content for publishing, ensuring that the book is an excellent reflection of your unique brand.

After working with me, you will be able to share your heart's message with

clarity and confidence, whether in verbal or written form.

In my role as a coach to aspiring authors, I enjoy working with clients with a variety of backgrounds and histories to find the nuggets that will help their

readers sidestep, navigate, or cope with similar situations. 

Likewise, I like to work with authors who are in the process of or have already completed their writing and want to make it as polished as possible for publishing.

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What I Do

Line Editing

This style of editing is an intensive edit where I focus on improving the structure and content of your story/message, ensure consistent language use, and add clarity to your writing style.

During this edit, I assess the impact of your narrative - line by line.​

I also look for typographical and spelling errors and grammar issues.

Author Coaching

 I encourage and lead aspiring or established authors through the writing process in order to create a cohesive nonfiction book or a plot or character-driven fiction work.

I advise clients on the timing of their writing, publishing, and marketing plans.


Proofreading is typically the last stage of the editorial process and often occurs after line editing and initial author revisions. 
My focus is on grammar, punctuation, and spelling and is designed to catch the details that give a professional quality that publishers and readers will respect.

Manuscript Critique

A Manuscript Critique gives you fast, actionable feedback by highlighting large-scale potential issues that I sense may hold you back from excellence and better prepares your work for acceptance by a publisher. 

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Ideal Client Fit
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Work With Me

Let’s collaborate!


Spending quality time with a writing coach and hiring an editor are investments that fuel the future of your publication and form how the world sees you and receives the message you share. 

With each client I take on, my mission is to create a positive and lasting impression for your readers. As we work together, we define the lessons of your life’s narrative in order to create a valuable tool from which others can learn and grow.


Here’s the secret:




I specialize in coaching aspiring authors, line editing, developmental editing, and proofreading services that enhance the essence and quality of the book you always knew was inside of you – effectively communicating your story and instilling trust in your audience. When your history works for you, you spend less time wishing you could help people, and more time actually being the difference you wish to see in the world.

When you lead with vulnerability,

people are open and receptive to hear what you have to say.

That’s just how it works.

My ideal client fits these collaboration criteria:

Simply, you’re a human that believes that your voice matters and that you have learned valuable lessons through your life experience.

You have been contemplating writing a book or have started and want support.

You have finished writing a book and are ready to send it to an editor, your beta readers, or a publisher.

You’re ready to INVEST in your passion to help others, knowing the rewards of shining your light are life-changing - for your readers and yourself.

Is this you? Let’s work together.

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Work With Me

What My Clients Say

Troy Lambert | Author, Editor, Ghostwriter

& Publisher at Unbound Media

“Dana has always been a reliable and thorough fiction editor. When we contacted her about the Capital City Murders project, a series producing 50 novellas in 50 months in addition to other projects we had in mind for her, she immediately said, 'yes'. 

She has been nothing but a pleasure to work with.
(Dana) always offers unique insights that are both useful and prevent serious errors from ever making it to the final page.

We highly recommend Dana for all of your fiction editing needs.”

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Dennis Mansfield | Author
Cocoa, The Blind Dog

“(Dana's) great on the specifics and even greater on the vision!”

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Tami Martin | Author

Beautifully Being She

“I appreciated (Dana’s) corrections, questions on things I said, her suggestions, and her communication.”

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Contact Me

Meridian, ID 83642


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